Inglis, Manitoba


The ‘Inglis Elevators National Historic Site Heritage Committee’ hosted this mini artist residency; I also worked with students from the Inglis Elementary School. The residency featured one on one interviews with local residents, arranged by the committee. I requested a range of ages, occupations and time spent in the community. This resulted in a wide variety of participants including my oldest participant at 91 years of age. I interviewed people while riding along on combines during the harvest of 2014. I also interviewed residents involved in a variety of local businesses, including new immigrants in the area. And a special effort was made to interview former elevator agents who worked at the Inglis grain elevators.

Finally, I also interviewed students, grades 5-8, from the local elementary school.
We partly supported the project with an auction of pies made by local seniors and the elementary school students as part of my educational program ‘Slice of History, Piece of Pie’.