Regina, Saskatchewan


The ‘Quiet Stories...’ project started in Regina and this is also a stop on the current Canadian tour. The Dunlop Art Gallery will be exhibiting the work in early 2018. Back in 2007-2008 I was trying to find a way to connect directly with people and collect informal oral history. The result was a public engagement project that took place at Mysteria Gallery on 13th Ave. in Regina in 2009.

I set up a fake ‘Office of Identity Collection’ installation in the upper gallery. Co-owners Marlo Gebhardt and Chad Jacklin provided a great deal of support and helped connect the community with the project. Artist Michele Sereda joined me to create a performance piece that often resembled ‘good cop, bad cop’ as we processed participants through the office. The project concluded with a video shoot from a lift along 13th Ave. in Regina on a rainy Sunday afternoon. 


The body of work created from this initial project resulted in the exhibition Heather Cline ‘Populating Veduta: Contemporary Cityscapes at The Art Gallery of Regina in the fall of 2010. The paintings featured mixed media, acrylic and digital collage on canvas and were all 5’ x 10’ to 10’ x 10’ in size. Although stories from the ‘Veduta’ project are featured in the ‘Quiet Stories...’ exhibition, the painting of the Regina area are more contemporary work.