Yorkton, Saskatchewan - The Godfrey Dean Art Gallery


This was the first site that I exhibited the project. The City of Yorkton is the closest major services center for people from Inglis Manitoba and area. The gallery is an excellent facility and the curator, Don Stein, has a keen interest in audio art. Don was very enthusiastic about the project and really engaged in the technical aspects of the show. This made this first install of the audio technology a real pleasure. My technical collaborator, David Stanchuk, was along on the install tweaking the audio units and making sure that our ‘best made’ plans worked!

The audio component of the show used three different delivery methods. Single story ‘Audio Tags’, a small wall mounted and battery operated box. Visitors pressed a button to play a story specific to an artwork (see ‘Story Paintings’ on this site). The second delivery method was a series of larger wall mounted audio boxes, with multiple stories. Each time the unit was button triggered the next story would play. Finally there were two motion triggered parabolic speakers that were mounted on the ceiling and created a sound spots, where visitors could sit and listen to a collection of stories. The stories were grouped into 5 min collections, related by theme.